Discover Your Acne Treatment Options

Discover Your Acne Treatment Options

There are many myths that surround acne and acne treatment, and one of the most damaging is that acne should be allowed to run its course and that there is little that can be done to treat it. But there are in fact a variety of treatment options, some over-the-counter, and many more through your Woodstock, GA, dermatologist. Some of these are covered below, but you can learn much more by reaching out to Dr. Naga Meduri of Modern Dermatology Atlanta.

At-Home Care

Some of the most common myths regarding acne chastise sufferers as having poor hygiene and diet. While you can lessen the effects of mild acne by washing your face and changing your bedding often, there is presently no clear link between food and acne.

Topical Medication

Over-the-counter topical medication may also prove helpful in treating similarly mild forms of acne, but you should be wary of any product that promises overnight results. Your dermatologist may also prescribe topical medication with similar or stronger ingredients to tackle more advanced forms of the condition.

Oral Medication

The same is the case for oral medication, your doctor can prescribe both oral and topical medication to treat even severe cases of acne. Antibiotics can be both and are given to treat present infection in the pores.

Your doctor may also talk to you about birth control medication, which can help regulate hormones and reduce symptoms of acne in some.

Other Treatments

Also available through your dermatologist are other treatment options for managing the more visible signs of acne. Treatments such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion are resurfacing procedures that offer a variety of other benefits besides helping treat acne. These work in tandem with other acne treatments to help address both the underlying cause of acne and its effects.

Acne Treatment in Woodstock, GA

If you are interested in your acne treatment options you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Meduri of Modern Dermatology Atlanta in Woodstock, GA, and serving the areas of Canton and Acworth, GA, by dialing (770) 250-7199.

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