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Acne: Types and Treatment

Life certainly throws us some curveballs, doesn’t it? It might be a missed deadline or a poor night of sleep. It can be frustrating dealing with life’s little challenges; however, acne shouldn’t be one of them. Of course, acne is the number one reason teens and adults come into our Woodstock, GA, practice. Here’s what you should know about acne and the ways to effectively treat this chronic skin condition.
If you haven’t achieved the results you want with over-the-counter products, then it’s time you talked to our dermatologist here at Modern Dermatology Atlanta about other ways to combat your acne symptoms. Not only can we help you control your acne, but we can also prevent scarring and damage to your skin. Here are some of the most common types of acne treatments:

Topical Medications

These medications are best applied and most effective after you’ve washed and dried your skin. It can take a few weeks to start to notice results with topical medications. Sometimes you may notice some skin irritation like dryness or redness when using this product.
The most common types of topical prescriptions for combating acne include:


This can come in several forms including gels and creams and is applied in the evening a few times a week. This medication works by preventing hair follicles from becoming plugged.


This type of medication is best for eliminating acne-causing bacteria and reducing skin redness. Antibiotics can often be used in combination with other skincare products that contain acne-fighting chemicals like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

Hormonal Contraception

For women and adolescent girls who are dealing with hormone-related acne (breakouts that occur around a woman’s menstrual cycle), certain types of hormonal birth control pills can be used to treat acne and reduce the frequency of outbreaks.


This is only recommended if you have severe acne that has not responded to other treatment options. This can be an extremely effective way to treat cystic acne that may cause scarring if left untreated. While on this medication you will need to come into our practice for regular checkups.

Besides medications, there are other ways to target acne including light therapy, extractions, steroid injections, and chemical peels.

If acne has you stressed out and embarrassed, Dr. Meduri and the team at Modern Dermatology Atlanta are here to help. Schedule a consultation today at (770) 250-7199.

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